Welcome to Batch Construction Pvt Ltd


Since its inauguration in Jan 2004, Batch (Batch Construction Pvt. Ltd.) has delivered the best value in building services by placing expert construction professionals on every project undertaken.

  • Ma. Falak
    Status: Completed , 10 Storey Building, Rahdhebai Magu , Maldives
  • Hulhumale Lot – 11059
    Project Status: Completed 6 Storey Building Nirolhu Magu -19
  • BBM Godown
    Huluhmale Lot-10264 , 5 Storey Building, Status: Completed
  • Ma.Alidhooge
    Status: Ongoing , 15 Storey building , Address: Ma.Shaheed Kudanevi Thuthu Manik Higun, K.Male’, Maldives
  • Hulhumale lot-10272
    Project Status: Ongoing, 7-Storey Building , Midhili magu
  • Batch Apartment Marina View
    Status: Completed, 10 Storey Building At Hulhumale D10-4C, Residential ,Duration: 24 months